Seamlessly Style for Indoor Outdoor Living


As we transition into the upcoming fall season, blending your indoor and outdoor living spaces is key to enjoying your home to the fullest. Styling your patio or backyard with cohesive design elements from your indoor living spaces along with durable outdoor furnishings that are equally beautiful and comfortable allows a seamless transition from your interiors. Check out our top tips for styling indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Keep a Cohesive Color Scheme

Neutral Sunbrella fabrics transform a patio into a seamless extension of your indoor style.

Crisp and light neutral Sunbrella fabrics keep the color scheme consistent throughout the indoor/outdoor living spaces of this stunning Long Island home, styled by Ashbourne designs. Photo credited to Josh Goetz Photography.

Allow the styles of your indoor/outdoor spaces flow into one another by adhering to a consistent color scheme. Whether your interiors are classic neutrals or an eclectic blend of colors, tie the spaces together by incorporating a similar palette from the interiors on your patio. Select fabrics for your outdoor seating and accents that blend with your indoor fabric choices. It may sound overwhelming to have a consistent color palette throughout your home, but rest assured Sunbrella fabrics are designed to bring style and performance to both indoor and outdoor environments, allowing you to use the exact same fabrics for both applications!

Mirror Elements of Your Indoor Design

Crisp white Sunbrella fabrics equip indoor outdoor living spaces with equal parts performance and style.

A sliding glass door and large floor to ceiling windows help to eliminate the feeling of separation between your living room and outdoor space, while Sunbrella clad sofas create a seamless transition between areas. Photo credited to Josh Goetz Photography.

Simple design elements like plush throw pillows, stylish indoor/outdoor rugs, and potted plants can serve to create a polished connection to your interiors and allow the patio feel like an open air extension of your home. Accent with comfortable Sunbrella fabric throw pillows and blankets that offer the style of an indoor setting with the durability to last outside. Large windows or a sliding glass door can enhance the effect further by eliminating the feeling of a physical barrier between the spaces to allow for undisrupted flow. To simplify how to approach outdoor accessorizing and break it down step by step, read How to Design the Perfect Patio in 7 Steps.

Add Structure with Shade

Sunbrella shade fabrics on a ShadeTree pergola create a cool sanctuary in your backyard.

A shade structure from ShadeTree with Sunbrella fabrics extends the comfort and coolness of an indoor space for your yard or patio while creating dimension and polished style.

Adding a shade structure to your backyard allows you to extend your interiors by providing a gradual transition into the outdoor elements. Creating a shaded space is essential for outdoor lounging or entertaining in the heat of the summer and can create a nice extension off of your indoor living spaces. Additionally, incorporating a shade structure can also provide surprising cost savings. A pergola or awning from ShadeTree can add height and dimension to your space, making it feel more dynamic, while shading your windows and siding to provide energy efficiencies inside the home. To discover the perfect shade solution for your outdoor space, check out our Shade Solutions That Wow.

Create Functional Vignettes

Neutral Sunbrella fabrics on an outdoor sectional and dining set add comfort and style to outdoor living.

An outdoor living room and dining space complete with Sunbrella fabrics turn your porch or patio into a comfortable and cozy extension of your indoor living spaces.

Small vignettes throughout your yard or patio create nooks that mimic the layout of your interiors and make an outdoor space more welcoming. Designing functional sections will make your outdoor space feel like a continuation of your interior living spaces. If your space allows, create a section that feels like an outdoor living room, complete with a comfortable sectional or cozy conversation set. In another area, bring dining outdoors by incorporating a spot for alfresco meals, so that friends and family can mingle between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Keep in mind the cohesive palette tip to make the space feel connected. For a roundup of some of our favorite patio furniture with Sunbrella fabrics for your backyard, read Taking your Patio to the Next Level with Stylish + Durable Patio Furniture.

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