Designer Spotlight: Ashbourne Designs


Crisp neutral Sunbrella fabrics equip this bright living room furniture set with powerful performance.
Crisp, neutral fabrics complement a light and airy aesthetic in this Long Island Home.
Durable Sunbrella fabrics outfit this patio sofa, making cleaning easy for this neutral couch,.
Gentile’s outdoor furniture complete with high performance fabrics create timeless appeal made to last.
Sunbrella fabrics are perfect for indoor and outdoor living, creating seamless transition from living room to outdoor space.
A cohesive color palette allows for seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Photo credited to Josh Goetz at Josh Goetz Photography

Timeless Luxury

Christine Gentile, the creator behind Ashbourne Designs, first started her design firm as a fine antique store. With a background in fashion merchandising, she developed an eye for European antiques, which ultimately influenced her taste for timeless design.

Christine has been designing and styling homes for as long as she can remember, crediting her love of interior design to nostalgic shopping trips she took with her grandmother in Manhattan as a young girl. “We’d stroll Manhattan and ooh and aah at the window displays on 5th Avenue. Though it was usually just a little trinket, my Grandmother would always purchase me a gift, and it would come beautifully wrapped. I fell in love with the beauty in the details and the rest is history.”

Working together with her fine home builder husband Charles, Christine grew her store into a successful, established design firm, and she hasn’t looked back. Her unique take on traditional design, paired with her eye for detail and passion for working with textiles in creative ways, inspires her to create custom pieces and give old pieces new life.

Classic Style with a Twist

Christine describes her signature style as fresh, luxurious, and elegant, combining timeless pieces with unexpected elements. Various textures, shapes, and patterns add visual interest to a crisp neutral color palette, giving this charming New York home a classic, yet fresh aesthetic.

Though her style is recognized for its timeless appeal and acute attention to detail, Christine prefers to not limit herself to one particular style. “I am blessed in that I can find beauty and inspiration in really any setting,” she explains. “Time spent with art, time spent in nature, and time spent on a job site all get my wheels spinning.” Her love for a variety of design genres and diverse sources of inspiration allows her to create the custom, unique spaces that have earned her firm notoriety in the design community.

Make It Custom

Christine has been bespoke tailoring furniture selections for years and prefers to do custom whenever possible, as she feels it is the best way to satisfy the wants and needs of her clients. They are quick to approve when they discover the benefits of custom designs; they can achieve the exact size and style envisioned for the space, without having to compromise. “Custom construction and upholstery really sets a piece a part, and it affords the client the ability to showcase something that is absolutely unique to his or her home.”

Keeping It Cohesive

One of the greatest challenges of designing an indoor/outdoor living space is keeping the design cohesive yet unique throughout the spaces. Christine uses design elements like fabrics and wallpaper to keep her designs vibrant and dynamic while achieving cohesion throughout her clients’ homes. “I’ve found that fabric is an excellent way to tie in different elements and connect a space together with other rooms in a home,” says Christine. “It’s such an integral part of my design process. Fabric can add cohesion to a space that would otherwise feel disjointed. Likewise, fabric can provide subtle distinction between spaces.” In this stunning Long Island home, Christine creates seamless transitions between spaces by adhering to a primarily airy and soft palette, incorporating cool-toned accents and patterns to create slight contrast.

Sunbrella fabric clad cushions bring beauty and comfort to poolside lounge chairs.
Poolside lounge chairs provide luxurious comfort, while durable fabrics prevent wear and tear from sun exposure and heavy use.
Outdoor pillows and throws make for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living in this poolside patio.
Both indoor and outdoor living spaces need to be more than just beautiful - Gentile’s designs are functional and versatile enough to fit any client’s lifestyle.
Pops of Tiffany blue add soft and subtle contrast to beige Sunbrella fabric outdoor cushions
Soft Tiffany blue accents complement a primarily neutral palette for subtle, sophisticated flair.

Photo credited to Josh Goetz at Josh Goetz Photography

The Importance of a Quality Fabric

Christine emphasizes the importance of selecting a fabric that is both beautiful and durable – an important requirement for timeless design. Functional, durable fabric that is as luxurious as it is hard-working is an absolute must. Clients want aesthetic appeal for their spaces, but they also need to be able to live in them. “Worrying that a sofa fabric won’t hold up over time or survive a spill can really take away from one’s capacity to enjoy sitting on it.”

Custom upholstery on an outdoor loveseat transforms this courtyard into homeowners’ exact vision.
Custom furniture allows home-owners to achieve their unique design vision without settling.
Sunbrella fabrics outfit this poolside patio with the durability to withstand exposure to sun, weather, and water.
A stunning patio equips this Long Island home with a comfortable transitional space and a beautiful view of the house’s pool.
A stone fireplace serves as the focal point for this outdoor living space.
Owners and guests of the home enjoy a comfortable outdoor seating area outfitted with soft yet durable fabrics reminiscent of the house’s bright, luxurious living room.

Photo credited to Josh Goetz at Josh Goetz Photography

When Christine Gentile drafts designs for her clients, colors, texture, and durability are all top of mind for creating cohesive, timeless living spaces that homeowners can enjoy year after year. Sunbrella offers fabric that is as well-performing as it is beautiful, so that you don’t have to settle. “My clients have been thrilled with their Sunbrella products,” says Christine. “As a designer, I will continue to specify them confidently.”

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