Top Interior Design Trends for 2020


If you find yourself wondering what the top 2020 interior design trends will be, look no further. Sunbrella breaks down this year’s interior design new trends, so you can pick and choose what might work for your home. 

Make it Pop 

This year, design insiders predict that we’ll see less white on white or grey on grey. Instead, there will be plenty of pops of color that can add additional interest and drama. This is one of the year’s easiest-to-execute interior design trends because there are so many ways to apply it to almost any environment. Once you pick an accent color (or several!) it’s easy to add dimension to any room. You might choose to layer up with bright jade green, brilliant royal blue or electric pink. Especially if you choose more neutral colors like Canvas Granite or Canvas Marble by Sunbrella on large pieces (think sofas, benches and headboards), you can layer in bold pops of color with accents including pillows, window coverings and cushions. Alternatively, you can work with fabrics like Sunbrella Capra Lagoon and Accord Jade, both of which have neutral backgrounds and vivid patterns. 

Layer Up

Decor enthusiasts want spaces that feel collected rather than bought. One of the top 2020 interior design trends is to spend time sourcing a mix of pieces from a variety of sources rather than buying everything at a one-stop-shop. Try sourcing meaningful art from trips abroad or local galleries and scouring vintage shops and estate sales for furniture you love. If you fall in love with a piece of furniture that has good bones but older soft goods, find a local upholsterer you trust and freshen the fabric. For instance, you can breathe new life into a vintage sofa or bench with a durable fabric like Sunbrella Echo Ash or Dupione Shade. The effect of layered textures and styles is curated and chic. 

New Granny Chic

If you thought chinoiserie, topiaries, scalloped edges, bold florals and vintage furniture were the stuff of a prior era, think again. This new trend, dubbed “grandmillennial” style—that’s the vintage-chic favored by many younger home decorators—pairs traditional design elements with more modern pieces. When these styles from yesteryear are layered with of-the-moment furnishings like contemporary art, natural fiber rugs and clean-lined furniture, the result is both elegant and playful. For instance, take a move out of the “grandmillennial” playbook by taking a traditional piece of furniture and refreshing it with retro Sunbrella print.  

Earthy Vibes

If you’re not quite ready to embrace vivid colors or huge graphic patterns, you can still get in on interior design trends for this year by staying in neutral earth tones but adding texture and dimension. Many designers are taking inspiration from nature, with warm woods, neutral olive greens, sand-colored hues and more. These colors provide a warm foundation for interior spaces so that homeowners can add personal touches and texture to make a room feel like “them.” For richly textured materials, take inspiration from Sunbrella Adaptation Linen and Cast Oasis and you’ll be right on trend this year. 

The Right Stuff

Homes are meant to be lived in, so performance fabrics are a bigger trend than ever before. After all, no one has time to worry about spills and accidental messes that are the byproduct of a life well-lived. Everyone—from major design publications and top designers to busy parents—are embracing performance materials that look  great, feel great and are built to stand up to real-life wear and tear. With Sunbrella fabrics—which are soft to the touch and resist water, stains and fading in sunlight—you can choose stylish decor and leave worry behind. Here’s to enjoying our living spaces even more in 2020! 

Classic Coupling

It’s hard to call black and white design themes new, but we continue to see this look on the rise. Pairing inky black and clean white can make a space look instantly put together—they’re classics that create a firm foundation for creativity. You might start with a solid or textured fabric (such as Heritage Char and Hatteras Shiplap), add in graphic patterns like Equinox-31-Eclipse or Mina Classic, and choose accessories (lamps, rugs, coffee table books and photo frames) that echo the black and white color palette. 

It’s a Jungle Out There

Seeing plants can make us feel happy and well, so biophilic design continues to grow in popularity. While many homeowners are embracing leafy live plants indoors, it’s also a smart idea to incorporate green-themed prints that offer the illusion of nature. Some of our favorite patterns, all of which are available in custom table runners, pillows and more from Haven & Harmony, include the verdant Sunbrella prints Hamburg Kale, Reign Jungle and Tropics Jungle

How will you bring 2020 interior design trends into your home’s design? Show your #SunbrellaMoment with us on social and share your own on-trend concepts!

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