Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology


Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology boasts high performance, displayed in a variety of neutral hues.

Manufactured in many different colors and forms, these fabrics are reliable – perfect for any outdoor application.

Introducing the latest in sling fabrics: Sunbrella Sling® with Flex Technology™. What is Flex Technology? It is an innovation in fabric manufacturing that brings a new level of comfort and flexibility to outdoor furniture. The fabrics respond to movement and bounce back better than traditional outdoor fabrics or materials, eliminating the issue of puckering and sagging. Soft, comfortable, and offered in a range of colorways, Sling with Flex Technology™ seamlessly combines style and long-lasting reliability for yet another Sunbrella offering you can trust – day in and day out.

By combining the strength of PVC with the comfort of acrylic yarns, Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology is soft and comfortable, yet also flexible – unlike typical PVC or vinyl sling. With Flex Technology, the material relieves pressure points normally activated by sling seating.

Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology offers options in modern neutrals that are soft but tasteful choices

Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology fabrics were crowd pleasing during the 2019 launch at Casual Market Chicago.

With fade resistant qualities that protect it against damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays, Sunbrella Sling fabrics with Flex Technology will hold their bright colors and bold patterns over time. Mold, mildew, and stains are no match for this new technology, which is easily cleanable – even when tackling the toughest spills and stains.

An up-close and personal view of Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology fabrics and their beautiful color range, spanning from creamy whites to darker blues and browns.

Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology ranges from creamy whites to dark blues and browns, all adding a sophisticated touch to any dining or lounge chair.

Sunbrella partnered with Brown Jordan for the exclusive Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology launch in 2019 at Casual Market Chicago, unveiling an array of products featuring this new fabric technology.

You can purchase sleek outdoor furniture with these tough performing fabrics at your nearest Brown Jordan retailer.

To learn more about innovative Sunbrella performance fabric collections, explore the Dimension Collection or What is Performance Fabric? To see more inspired design content, follow @Sunbrella on social channels!

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