Top 4 Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Party


Passionate football fans cheer on their team on worry-free Sunbrella upholstered sofa while hosting a Super Bowl party

Sunbrella is sharing their top 4 tips for how to host a Super Bowl party this year, incorporating style and function

Whether you’re a ‘can’t miss one minute’ football fan or an ‘only in it for the Halftime Show’ watcher, the upcoming SuperBowl LIV presents the perfect occasion for gathering with family and friends or even team rivals. If you’re up to the challenge of throwing a bash for this annual celebration, Sunbrella has your back with these top 4 tips for how to host a SuperBowl party. 

High chairs, bench seating, and ottomans are just a few examples of how you can get creative when offering seating to your Super Bowl party guests

3Beaches uses a variety of seating upholstered in worry-free Sunbrella fabrics, which are a must when keeping things stain-free while hosting Super Bowl party guests

Tip #1: Ample Seating 

When a whole day is basically centered around a TV broadcast, seating is essential for your party goers’ comfort. Feel free to mix and match with different types of seating from various rooms in your home. If you’ve already pulled over your Sunbrella dining or kitchen chairs and are still left with open spots to fill, get creative! Bring in your bedside bench or incorporate that pouf you may be using as a side table. And whatever you do, make sure your Sunbrella performance fabrics are front and center in case of spills. 

Ample seating in the form of worry-free Sunbrella fabrics are a must have on our list for how to host a Super Bowl party

COAST New Zealand Marine Bean bags in Blend Clay are perfect for game day seating, with Sunbrella performance fabrics offering comfort and the spill resistance necessary for when you’re hosting Super Bowl party guests

Sunbrella table runner in Simplicity Ash creates a festive presentation for your Super Bowl party signature cocktails

@oleanderandpalm knows how to serve a mean cocktail in style with Sunbrella performance table runner in Simplicity Ash for a beautiful and festive presentation

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Cocktail Game 

Now that you’ve arranged the perfect set-up for your guests, it’s time to think through what you’ll be serving. In addition to some game-time appetizers, there’s no better opportunity to try out some new drink recipes. Test your mixologist skills and experiment with a few signature drinks for the special occasion. Feel inspired to give your signature drinks some festive names like “4th and 1 Rum Punch” or “Red Zone Margaritas”. When brainstorming ideas, it’s best to play to the weather in your location. If it’s still cold in your region, offer spiked or mulled hot drinks to keep guests cozy, not to mention impressed. Playing with colors is also an option, using mixers or garnishes, and with Sunbrella performance fabrics accompanying your Super Bowl party, spills won’t be a concern.

Sunbrella table runners and throw pillows are an easy way to incorporate worry-free decor accents when decorating for Super Bowl festivities

@daniellegutelli uses worry-free accents in the form of Sunbrella performance throw pillows

Tip #3: Decorate With Worry-Free Accents 

With anticipations running high for one of the top sporting events of the year, hosting this year’s Super Bowl party is bound to get messy. Since finger foods and dips will most likely make an appearance in your spread, layer in a Sunbrella table runner or placemats to protect your table while adding simple yet dynamic touches. Sunbrella throw pillow fabrics and blankets are some additional tasteful accents that pair function with style, complementing themed decor with team colors for a classier look that is still suitable for the typically casual affair. However you like to accent when hosting a SuperBowl party, make sure you keep performance fabrics top of mind when decorating this year – they will make the post party clean-up a breeze! 

Tip #4: Incorporate Teams’ Local Flavors

The last tip on our list for how to host a Super Bowl party is to incorporate local passion points and quirks wherever possible. Color coordinating your seating with your worry-free accents are an easy way to integrate team colors.  Based on the SuperBowl-bound teams, we foresee a lot of red in your color scheme!

Coordinating team colors with Sunbrella performance accents is a top tip to remember for hosting a Super Bowl party

@caitlinholli keeps things trendy yet functional in a home full of kiddos – using Sunbrella performance fabrics throw pillows to incorporate a festive touch of color

If you can, score local brews from both teams as well as foods unique to the rival cities. Serve up fan favorites like wings and nachos, but add in the Super Bowl teams’ city staples such as Kansas City BBQ sliders or San Fran sourdough sammies. Spill resistant upholstery means you can be creative, so don’t be afraid to get messy and have fun with it!

Even if your team doesn’t win, or maybe you’re just in it for the entertaining commercials, this year’s big game is sure to kickoff the new decade with a bang. With all the inevitable excitement, don’t forget to enjoy the planning process and quality time with family and friends. While hosting a SuperBowl party isn’t for the faint of heart, Sunbrella is here to make your day a little easier. 




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