2019 Home Decor Trends That Are Coming to Life, Season after Season


This year is flying by, but regardless of the quickly changing seasons, 2019 has shown the design world evergreen home decor trends that have influenced interior design month-after-month. Although we are inching closer and closer to the last half of 2019, there is still room to integrate your favorite home interior trends into your space.

In April, Sunbrella attended High Point Market, the largest indoor furniture trade show in the world, and saw top home interior trends making waves. We have been keeping tabs and even though some trends fizzled out as the year went on, some design trends are continuing to run rampant.

Check out some of this year’s hottest home interior trends for 2019—there is something for everyone and every space!

Natural Elements

There continues to be an underlying theme of sustainability in design this year, represented through eco-friendly materials in the home, adding touches of nature in indoor spaces with biophilia, and blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. If you are looking to bring this trend to life, look to add splashes of greenery in your home or invest in durable fabrics, such as Sunbrella’s performance fabrics, that can be transferred from indoor to outdoor spaces.

Bedroom with plant décor and green Sunbrella fabric

Textile Design

Handmade and artisanal textiles are being used throughout every part of the home this year, from walls to headboards, your designs aren’t bound to limits. We are even seeing this trend makes its way to commercial and high-traffic spaces as well. Get creative with your designs by using our bold indoor fabrics to create your custom textile design.

Textile wall décor with tassels made out of Sunbrella fabric


For the past few years, minimalism has dominated the interior design world. This year, we have consistently seen a pointed shift to maximalism. Design enthusiasts are investing into long-lasting pieces of furniture that make their spaces stand out. Even more so, 2019 home decor color trends are more vibrant than ever. Interior designs are all about catching people’s eye, so make your home represent your unique style with colors that speak to you.

Modern couch upholstered in yellow Sunbrella fabric

Open Shelving

Just like wall decor is no longer bound by frames, cabinets are no longer bound by doors and four walls. Add a unique flare to your kitchen area by installing open shelving made out of wood, metal, or even glass.

Kitchen with open, wooden shelves

Canopy Beds

Looking to revamp your bedroom? We are seeing a shift to hotel-inspired bedroom design in 2019 in the most luxurious ways. An easy way to achieve this luxurious at-home getaway is starting with the focal point of the room—your bed. Start by transforming your bed with four standing posts and even add a whimsical touch with neutral-toned Sunbrella drapery.

Luxurious bedroom with canopy bed

As the year continues, we are falling in love with eclectic home trends that are sure to re-energize your space. This year has shown us that top trends can be highly personalized. There isn’t one design style ruling over the others, but instead, 2019’s home decor trends include elements that can be flexible to elevate your own style. We have a feeling these trends are here to stay, so pick your favorite, start small and see where the inspiration takes you!