Sunbrella Blends Modern Style with Rustic Charm at Field + Supply


What makes a maker? Skill of a trade, passion, and materials to bring their visions to life. Just as the hands are an instrument for weaving creativity, Sunbrella fabrics are a tool for weaving moments of joy and reflections of lifestyles into beautiful spaces.

Sunbrella provides lawn seating with comfortable and durable performance fabrics and an immersive textiles experience at this year’s Field + Supply

This October, Sunbrella joined in partnership with the Field + Supply modern makers fair for a true celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. Found at Hutton Brickyards, the makers fair matches the venue’s rustic aesthetic and historic undertones, reminiscent of the 19th century makers from this small upstate town whose contributions helped build Yankee Stadium and the Empire State Building. Some of the few remaining steel structures on the grounds are nothing short of iconic and can be seen towering above as you stroll through the vendor stalls.

Sunbrella performance fabrics cushions with coordinating table runners offer worry-free comfort and provide both a chic and stain resistant rustic setting

Sunbrella’s chic lounge area exudes modern bohemian style, complete with seasonally dressed rustic farm tables

Hutton Brickyard has an incomparable view of the Hudson, which Sunbrella draped in a variety of fabric selections. A canopy of dimension, texture, and color on the rustic grounds of the Hutton Brickyards unite quality, aesthetic, and craftsmanship. An immersive Fabric Forest structure, outfitted with Sunbrella textiles, invited play and a tactile experience that intrigued attendees. The interactive textile structures and communal seating on the green enhanced the experience of the fair, showcasing the versatility inherent in color-fast, stain resistant and high-performance textiles.

Field + Supply modern makers fair features Sunbrella outdoor bohemian style decor and lounge area at Hutton Brickyards

Field + Supply crafters and guests come back for a 6th consecutive year for an attendance of nearly 9,000 patrons

Sunbrella performance fabrics are certainly suitable for the maker lifestyle — we champion creation, and creation is messy, multidimensional, and manifold. Our durably designed material is also perfect for life’s casual moments. Following a leisurely stroll through the fair, having a bite to eat, or armed with dogs and kids, attendees enjoyed everyday luxurious, high performance seating in deep, rich tones that echo the autumn season and exhibit the comfort and toughness of Sunbrella’s textiles.

Sunbrella offers a rustic family style gathering space perfect for leisurely dining in a bohemian style decor setting

A common space on the lawn transformed into a bohemian styled place to gather with Sunbrella tufted floor cushions piled high for attendees to use freely as they ate lunch and enjoyed a light breeze coming from the river.

Spotted: Bohemian Design Trends

Field + Supply’s small-batch makers attract lovers of art, design and fashion, and there is a true undertone of an urban trend-setting crowd on the grounds.  We saw a seemingly endless collection of modern creations, from ethically made dog collars to envy-inducing hand-knitted wool sweaters. The number of wares stimulated boho interior design inspiration that felt both cohesive and eclectic in the community aesthetic. We’re sharing our take on the trends from the designers and how to incorporate in your home.

Minimalistic and modern art print in natural wooden frame for bohemian interior décor

Minimal abstract prints add an artistic element to modern bohemian decor

Abstract Prints

Created with bright colors and organic shapes, abstract prints are the simplest way to bring modern bohemian style to any room. We love incorporating natural wood to warm up a minimalistic style. Clean and simple artwork set in a minimal frame adds a modern touch.

Antique glass jars or bottles tie together a bohemian interior design style

Old amber bottles provide a charming vintage element to your boho decor

Out with the New, In with the Old

Who says modern style can’t include classic elements? No boho interior design is complete without a vintage piece to tie the space together. Among the rustic inspired treasures, we saw old bottles in many colors, muddled from wear. Apothecary bottles and jars are an easy way to incorporate charming antiquity to your space if you’re not ready to commit to that antique furniture piece quite yet.

Modern stoneware bowls enhance a minimal boho style with natural elements at this year’s Field + Supply had dozens of modern stoneware selections to pick from

Porcelain Galore!

We’d argue that ceramics of all kinds never go out of style, but this season particularly brings a new wave of creativity when it comes to kiln-created pieces. While walking amongst the vendor rows at Field + Supply, we loved the variety of earth toned housewares overflowing from shelves at every turn. Bowls, spoon rests, hanging plant holders, and vases were only a few favorites among our findings. Whether it’s glistening fired porcelain or matte finished pottery, every homemaker striving for a bohemian style design should include earthenware to provide cohesion with a natural element.

Bringing Boho Interior Design Outdoors

Dog enjoying comfortable Sunbrella performance fabrics cushion complementing the event’s bohemian style design

Field + Supply pup enjoying views along the Hudson River at Field + Supply, featuring Sunbrella floor cushion in Platform Indigo.

To learn more about this year’s Field + Supply makers fair, visit the website at and for more inspired design, follow Sunbrella on social channels.

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