Guide to Buying a Long-Lasting Dog Bed


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to buying the best, most durable dog bed for your four-legged buddy. Just as there are near-endless breeds of dogsfrom the tiniest teacup Chihuahua to the biggest Old English Mastiffthe number of dog beds available can be mind-boggling. To help you choose a durable dog bed for your pup, we’ve created this simple guide. Trust us, a comfy dog is a happy dog!

Energetic dog laying on Sunbrella fabric upholstered durable dog bed.


Sized Right 

The first step to choosing a durable dog bed is determining what size will work best for your breed. Many veterinarians and animal experts recommend measuring from your dog’s nose to tail to determine how many inches wide the bed should be. If your canine is between sizes of dog beds, it’s best to size up so your pup will have plenty of room to spread out. 

Comfortable Structure 

Dog lounging on a comfortable Sunbrella fabric upholstered dog bed cover.

It’s important to think of the kind of dog bed structure that will be most comfortable for your canine companion. While ultra-active, muscular dogs might like the extra support that comes with a firm memory foam dog bed, older or thinner dogs may not find extra-thick mattresses as appealing if they’re not heavy enough to sink in. Such pups might prefer a softer, pillow-style dog bed that’s easier on their joints. If you feel unsure about the style that will work best for your dog breed, age and size, ask your trusted veterinarian for a recommendation. 


Much about choosing the most durable dog bed for your pup depends on the kind of material you select. For a dog bed that’s made to last, choose a durable dog bed cover that’s made of performance material like Sunbrella, which is built to stand up to your dog rolling, pawing and snuggling in to make the bed his own. Fido will love how comfortable the Sunbrella dog bed cover feels, and you’ll love that it’s resistant to mildew, water and stains. Plus, because Sunbrella materials are fade-resistant, they make perfect dog bed covers if your dog loves to lounge in the sun, in front of a window or on the porch.  

Cleaning a Dog Bed Cover 

With frequent trips outside in all kinds of weather, it’s natural for your dog’s bed to show signs of dirt. However, if you choose a Sunbrella fabric dog bed cover, spot cleaning is easy. It’s also smart to look for a dog bed cover that’s easy to remove (likely with snaps, buttons or a zipper), so you can launder the cover in the washing machine. Sunbrella fabrics won’t fade or shrink when you wash them, making them a long-lasting choice as a dog bed cover in your home. National retailers like World Market, Pottery Barn, LL Bean and Orvis all have durable dog beds clad in Sunbrella fabric. The Houndry, a boutique dog bed maker that hand-stitches each cover, exclusively uses Sunbrella fabrics and offers plenty of fashionable designs. 

Sunbrella fabric upholstered durable dog bed made by The Houndry

Stylish Options

An upholstered cushion with Sunbrella fabrics perfect for the most durable dog bed or cat bed for all your furry friends.

Just as you enjoy having multiple places to relax around your home, most experts agree that it’s nice to give your dog more than one spot to snooze. Fortunately, dog bed manufacturers offer so many choices in all kinds of styles, it’s increasingly easy to find a dog bed to suit any room of your house. Some manufacturers even create customizable dog beds that look like furniture, designed to blend perfectly with the non-doggy decor. At Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, pet owners can choose from four sizes and styles of pet furniture frames. You might choose a stately stripe or a rich solid to match your room’s decor. 

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