6 Drapery Ideas to Enhance Your Home


Choosing a drapery style for your space can be slightly overwhelming. With thousands of different drapery fabric types and styles, it can be hard to choose the perfect window treatment for your home. Before you jump into all the different ways you can style and re-energize your space with drapery, first go to the drawing board to look for curtain decor that captures your design vibe. 

Once you have chosen the look you are going for, check out these six drapery ideas to help you achieve it in any space! 

Drapery Idea #1: Choose the right drapery fabric that will last through any challenge 
Before we jump into various drapery styles for your home, let’s start with how to choose the best type of drapery fabric that can meet your needs. Although window treatments are typically the finishing touch to a space, picking durable fabric that will last year-over-year is just as important as picking the perfect style because – let’s face it – curtains are a hassle to replace. 

So what is the benefit of using performance fabric for drapery? Performance textiles are woven for maximum durability, giving the fabrics resistance against fading, stains, and mildew. Not only does this make your indoor window treatments look new season after season, it can also add a layer of protection between your indoor furniture and the natural sunlight. 

Certain curtain decor ideas likes this white floor to ceiling drapery can completely transform your space

Drapery Idea #2: To elongate your space, integrate floor-to-ceiling drapery 

If you are going for a sophisticated look, pick an ultra-glam drapery style with floor-to-ceiling window curtains. The Shade Store has expertly mastered this drapery idea to lengthen living spaces. You can also try this tactic to make your bedroom or a small corner appear larger. 

This floor to ceiling drapery style adds a new element in your home.

Drapery from the Ventana Collection by The Shade Store in Sunbrella performance fabrics elongates a neutral living space.

Drapery Idea #3: Think about a motorized window treatment

Unfortunately, drapery can sometimes get in the way of your lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, you know first-hand that drapery is the go-to for hide-and-seek, climbing, and tugs. Instead of constantly monitoring your windows, try a motorized option! Not only does this add a modern touch to your home, but it meets the needs for those with an active home. 

Motorized shade like this gray motorized drapery provides an essential convenience to busy households.

The Sunbrella Solar Collection available at The Shade Store offers UV protection and fade prevention so that you can easily protect your home from the sun

Drapery Idea #4: Use eclectic, bold window treatments to energize your space

Most people stay away from eye-catching, stand-out patterns when looking for a new drapery style, but we say go for it! An eclectic drapery style is the perfect way to show off your personal style if you have a clean space filled with neutral colors or a minimalistic design.

Drapery styles like this one from the Pendleton collection is a perfect match for the drapery ideas in this article.

The Pendleton Collection by Sunbrella at The Shade Store uses iconic patterns to give any room a unique flare and American traditional design style.


Drapery Idea #5: Layer for an ultra-luxurious accent 

One of our favorite curtain decor ideas is layering multiple contrasting or complementing curtains for a ultra-luxurious look. Layering your drapery instantly adds dimension to your space to give it more character. Try layering your drapery for a cozy fireside ambiance or to enhance your bedroom. 

The multiple layers of curtains in this image are some of the drapery ideas that can add a new element of visual appeal to any room.

Drapery Idea #6: Fill your space with natural lighting by using sheer drapery 

This drapery style isn’t functional for blocking sunlight fully, but rather, to let the natural sunlight filter into your room. A great space to integrate this drapery idea in is a home office to keep some natural light for a bright and energizing room. 

Allowing for flow of natural lighting is a drapery idea that is sure to transform your space.

Are you loving any of these curtain decor ideas for your home? Try sprucing up your space with a drapery style that speaks to your personal style and matches your lifestyle. Visit The Shade Store to see our range of styles and colors today!