4 Can’t Miss Outdoor Furniture Design Trends


Warmer weather and longer days are bringing us all outdoors. Designing an outdoor space to enjoy the joyful moments of spring is as simple as selecting the right fabrics and patio furniture. Based on what our Sunbrella design team scouted at Casual Market in the fall, we’re sharing the trickle down trends in color, product design, fabric patterns, and more for a look at the trends in outdoor living for summer 2020.

From the eyes of the Sunbrella design team, we rounded up our predictions for 2020 trends – spotted on the showroom floor!

Unique and Unusual Accents

The fusion of indoor and outdoor furnishings continues to be de rigueur and we found retailers are putting an emphasis on elevating indoor outdoor spaces through unique accents such as brass and leather.  These traditionally indoor elements are a great way to add some flair to otherwise traditional pieces and tonally blend indoor and outdoor spaces. As we see earthy tones continuing to be favored among design audiences, unique accents are a natural fit, adding sophisticated details to casual pieces.

Gloster’s showroom highlighted a movement of bringing the indoors out with gorgeous neutral outdoor fabric and functional accents.

We are enamored with Brown Jordan’s modern take on a classic rocking chair with gold finish framing and a retro yellow Sunbrella performance fabric pillow.

Natural Materials

Speaking of blending indoor and outdoor spaces, the use of natural materials like wood furniture and wicker chairs are also a recurring sight – perfect for the daily challenges of both environments. We love the versatility and durability of organic materials, making Sunbrella indoor fabrics the perfect addition for a long lasting exterior design. Wicker is light but still sturdy, and the varying appearances of wood furniture provide a clean, earthy base for a unique design.

Check out this modern take on a wooden framed Summer Classics outdoor furniture set upholstered in neutral outdoor fabric to complete a classic design that we never want to go out of style.

We also see natural materials with a modern touch in a Gloster high back wicker chair that provides a trend-setting polished look.

Color-Infused Neutrals

Using neutrals to decorate a space is a tried and true tactic, but the new neutral to incorporate into the outdoor decor palette needs to include muted versions of your go-to pop of color. Instead of the bright pops of yellow, pink, and green – think marigold, blush, and pine. When used as a base or an accent, they essentially become a neutral! The deeper, more subtle tones  are less intimidating to work with, but still make a bespoke addition to any space.

Brown Jordan incorporated a blush-infused palette in many of their outdoor furniture pieces, including the framing of this marvelous table set and outdoor dining set.

Color-infused neutrals were used in outdoor accessories, too, like these blush and garnet toned Sunbrella performance fabric stools.

Texture + Dimension

It’s clear that outdoor sophistication is an underlying theme and this last trend is no different! Abstract, geometric designs and varying textures in rich contemporary colors make casual spaces feel luxurious, but not pretentious. There were quilted pillows, woven rugs, and geometric shapes galore on the showroom floor this year and we can’t get enough.

Gloster proves that Sunbrella textured outdoor fabrics paired with wood frames and woven accents can make an outdoor space comfortable and inviting.

Layered rugs in Gloster’s showroom display provide dimension and texture to make an outdoor area feel like a defined space.

Sunbrella’s new Dimension Collection made its debut at the end of the year, tying together some of 2019’s biggest style trends. This year’s display incorporated plants and other natural elements to perfectly highlight Dimension’s bold geometric patterns. Check out how Sunbrella’s immersive and geometric display stole the show at this year’s Casual Market, while taking home the ICFA Design Fabric Excellence Award!

For 2020 outdoor living, we’re finding retailers and manufacturers emphasizing that you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful design for functionality and durability.  Try integrating your favorite outdoor furniture trends to build a remarkable outdoor design!