Styling Your Vacation Home


Staycations are definitely making a comeback this year, especially if you have a second home. Even if you’re only making updates to your primary abode, you can create a space that invites serenity by connecting with nature through mindful choices about the textures in your home.

sunbrella black and white fabrics

Create a serene space through the use of textures in your home.

Warm and Cozy

Now, more than ever, we’re all seeking comfort in our spaces. Create a cozy, warm environment and instantly bring softness to your space by layering textures. At Sunbrella, we offer vast amounts of choices for you to mix and match to achieve a cozy, lived-in look that feels like home.

sunbrella grey and white metallic fabric

Layering textures can create a cozy, warm environment.

Make It Personal

A major part of making your space feel like your own is personalization. You want your space to feel uniquely one of a kind, a place that you can escape to. Sunbrella fabrics offer a carefree, functional solution for family-friendly environments that are both elevated and stylish. Check out how influencers Anita Yokota and Lauren Oshie have used Sunbrella to style their spaces for inspiration! Allow your originality to flourish by mixing and matching from collections like Balance and Fusion.

red upholstery fabric

Mix and match colors and textures to further personalize your style.

Get Inspired by Nature

There’s a new appreciation for nature with everything going on in the world and creating an outdoor space that’s an extension of your indoor space is more important than ever. Take your style outside by opting out of boring, expected choices and instead making bold decisions about the fabrics you choose for your outdoor spaces. We love Emily Clark’s tips from decorating the Southern Living Idea House in mountainous Asheville, North Carolina.

patterned upholstery fabric

Make bold decisions for incredible style.

Feel Good About Your Choices

Being mindful about products you bring into your life is the key to creating a cozy, personalized space. By focusing on wellness in the home, you can create a space you feel good in. Our recycling and sustainability initiatives will put your mind at ease when responsibly choosing fabric. Plus, because we’re committed to the quality of our fabrics, they last longer, ultimately creating less waste.

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