Shop the Look: Haven & Harmony Curated Spaces


Mixing patterns is en vogue, and when done right can make a statement without overpowering a space. The biggest setback? Choosing which patterns to mix and match.

With everything from Harlequins and Herringbones to Toile and Tartans, selecting complementary patterns can be a bit overwhelming. If you are nodding along in agreement with us, you are in luck. Our friends at Haven & Harmony have done the heavy lifting for you by offering expertly curated collections with an effortlessly stylish look. The fashionable and durable fabric offerings of Sunbrella, combined with the skillful design work of Haven & Harmony, achieve the stylish cohesion necessary to enhance any space.

As we have all been spending more time at home in recent months, there is a corresponding spike in interest for refreshing our living spaces. If you are in need of a style refresh this season, look no further than Haven & Harmony’s curated designs using Sunbrella fabrics, shoppable below.

Water’s Edge

Layers of accent pillows in the Water’s Edge curation unite Sunbrella’s soft performance fabrics and Haven and Harmony’s design expertise.

Layered pillows in Haven and Harmony’s Water’s Edge Curation, inspired by a nautical aesthetic. Fabrics incorporate soft creams, bright whites, and richy navy blue.

Looking to incorporate a coastal style in a guest room? The Water’s Edge curation offers a cool, nautical style with soft Sunbrella fabrics in varying hues of blue and white. Rich navy, indigo, and cerulean offset by cream and ivory achieve a crisp and nautical look. On beds, chaises, and pillows, Shibori Indigo and Savvy Indigo promote relaxation and a feeling of tranquility.

Vertical blue and white stripes mirror a coastal motif, too, as proven by the Viento Nautical pattern. Matching or layering different blue and white patterns can bring a maritime style to your space, no matter how far from the ocean you may be.

Guava Seaside

Brightly striped bedding in shades of teal, cream, and coral bring warmth to your interior design.

Guava Seaside offers a bright and bold color palette that lends itself to a tropical seaside design.

For a more tropical color scheme, the Guava Seaside curation packs a punch with bold, colorful patterns. Shades of teal, cream, and coral bring to life bright waters, pure sand, and umbrella drinks, and the softness of Sunbrella performance fabrics make relaxation imminent.

The bright bands of Sunbrella Ascend Tropical make a chic, resort-like runner and are easy to coordinate with pillow shams using complementary patterns such as Sunbrella Welcome Guava and Tailored Guava. Tie in elements of dark blue in Sunbrella Piazza Denim to temper bold hues while maintaining a nautical style.

Green With Envy

Tropic jungle prints paired with bright creams and deep saturated jungle greens bring a tropical essence to your living spaces.

Green With Envy incorporates bold organic prints with interlocking bamboo patterns to breath vibrance and life into your space.

The Green With Envy curation gives us total jungle fever. The light green and beige tones of Sunbrella Ethos Fronda and interlocking bamboo pattern of reversible Sunbrella Reign Jungle are fresh, bright, and earthy. The thick frond motif of Sunbrella Tropics Jungle is on-trend and makes a bold statement as a table runner. The dynamic design coordinates perfectly with accent pillows outfitted in the elegant, deep green Sunbrella Pique Ivy fabric.

Pups on Parade

Pups on Parade incorporates primarily neutral tones with bold accents of red. It includes a variety of fun prints and patterns that stylishly showcase your love for your pup.

Pups on Parade celebrates your furry friend in a chic and stylish way

Sunbrella believes that sharing your fabrics with those you love most, your kids and pups, shouldn’t mean sacrificing style or durability. After all, unconditional love requires unconditional fabrics. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why the pattern Sunbrella Fetch Bone made it into the Pups on Parade collection to celebrate the furry friends in your home. Traditional red fabrics such as Sunbrella Esti Crimson and Sunbrella Capra Crimson accentuate the otherwise neutral palette for a subtle, stylish pop. Sunbrella Shore Classic, a black and white striped design, and Sunbrella Mina Classic, a plush and velvety pattern, are perfect for pillows and dog beds, so that even your furry friends can relax in style.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a polished look. The design team at Haven & Harmony has mastered the art of curation, creating pleasing and complete spaces with Sunbrella fabrics.

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