The Larsen Performance Collection


The Larsen Performance Collection of Sunbrella textiles, designed by textile design legend Jack Larsen, was influenced by Larsen’s global travels and love of fresh, eclectic colors and fabrics. A pioneer of 20th century craftsmanship, Larsen has a history of combining luxury, style, and functionality.

The Larsen Performance collection is available through Larsen Fabrics.

The inimitable Jack Larsen with his iconic designs.

A Closer Look at Larsen’s Inspirations:

Larsen embodies the LongHouse mission – to live with art every day – as showcased by the patterns created for the Larsen Collection with Sunbrella.  His first foray into performance fabrics, each fabric is long-lasting, fade proof and easy to clean. As a result, the Larsen collection offers the luxury of living with art no matter the lifestyle and  provides an elegance with textured yarns and multicultural design influences.

jack larsen collection sunbrella

An artful lifestyle is within reach with the Larsen performance collection.

Inscription: Inspired by Asian cultural and architectural influences, Larsen has incorporated a performance-novelty version of a “horsehair” texture that elevates everyday living to an artful lifestyle.

Interlacing: Larsen’s inspiration for this woven textile stemmed from his love of collecting baskets. This basket weave pattern is reminiscent of a basket’s construction. 

Midsummer: This pattern was originally an iconic printed velvet from Larsen’s 1970’s archives. He wanted something that was multicolored, while also being plush and opulent. To achieve this, he used novelty chenille yarn in a packed-in manner to achieve saturated color with a soft hand.

Cakewalk: Larsen has reimagined the multicolor statement stripe into woven jacquard pattern with a soft chenille texture.

Hieroglyph: This texture utilizes the “horsehair” yarn into a raffia-like texture that mixes matte and shine to provide both luster and durability.

Chinoise: The Chinoise pattern is inspired by a rare, stoneware Ming vase in Larsen’s own ceramics collection. This fabric features an all-over matelassé pattern that provides a subtle yet eye-catching motif in a soft textural manner.

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