Fall 2020 Color Trends Forecast


As we ease into autumn with cooler weather and shorter days, transitioning our home decor to reflect nature’s shifting color palette can help us welcome in the changing season. Festive and seasonal home decor provides a refresh for your living spaces to transition your home without having to make a major investment. By simply swapping out design elements like throw pillows, accent decor, and table runners, you can completely transform the aesthetic of your space. Sunbrella fabrics offer a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to help you take advantage of this season’s design styles. If you are looking for some color inspiration and designer insights to spruce up your home this fall, look no further! Check our take on the 2020 fall color trends below. 

Sunbrella fabrics in navy, currant, and teak provide a richness that is popular in fall 2020 color trends for the home.

Deep rich colors juxtaposed with soft browns and dynamic patterns create a color story perfectly suited for the fall season.

Moody Hues 

This season, deep tones like navy, mulled wine, and walnut are replacing light and airy palettes in interior design, as dark becomes the new neutral. Rich tones add drama and elevate home design with refined sophistication, providing a reinterpretation of traditional design elements and motifs. Try pairing a deep solid like Cast Currant with a lighter contrasting hue like Spectrum Denim. Accent with a modern yet rustic pattern like Extent Vintage or add a textural solid like Cast Teak to add balance to the design.  

Fall color trends like mossy greens and clays are easy to incorporate into your home design with Sunbrella fabrics. 

Earthy tones invite the tranquility and beauty of nature into your living spaces and reflect the colors of autumn.

Warm and Earthy 

The topic of sustainability and design for wellness in the home influences everything from color to texture and materials. Designers are carefully choosing elements that will last and have been created with care and thought for the environment. With this comes a nature inspired color palette of terracotta, nutmeg, avocado green, and deep olive. These earthy tones provide a sense of calm and serenity when paired with warm neutrals that ground the space. The idea behind this trend revolves around creating a look that is cozy and inviting rather than stark and cold. To apply this trend in your home, pair hues that mimic elements of nature with Sunbrella fabrics like Bliss Clay and Blend Clay or Essential Pine and Cast Moss. Add in an updated classic stripe, like Comfort Clay or Intent Moss, or micro-print like Renew Mist to add visual interest and character.  

Fall 2020 color trends call for bright Sunbrella fabrics in bold patterns paired with soft pastels that level out the design.

Bright, vibrant hues and bold patterns add lively energy and warmth to your home as we transition into cooler weather.

Punchy Pairings 

Your fall color palette shouldn’t be dull and colorless. In fact, one of the major fall 2020 color trends is all about making unconventional color pairings through the use of patterns and accents to create unexpected flair. This creates a look that is playful, yet approachable, and adds vibrancy to your living spaces. To apply this trend in your home, introduce some diversity through layering Sunbrella fabrics throughout your space. Incorporate soft pastels and accent with bright, punchy pops of fluorescents to create a look that is both eclectic and curated. Complete the look with an essential solid in a neutral color like Sunbrella’s Sailcloth Salt for contrast and balance.  

For this year’s fall color trends, high contrast tones are easy to achieve with bold black and white fabrics and varied patterns from Sunbrella. 

High contrast black and white fabrics create a classic and timeless look that is trending this fall.

High Contrast  

As the transitional season between summer and winter, fall is the perfect time for highlighting contrast in your home design. Dramatic juxtaposition is all the rage this autumn, reviving the classic art deco style of bold black and white. Forgo the rules and experiment with contrasting color and pattern to infuse your space with uniqueness and intrigue. Mix geometric and organic Sunbrella patterns like Savvy Onyx and Calm Graphite and pair with contrasting tones for maximum impact!  

Explore these fall 2020 color trends to effortlessly turn your home into an autumnal retreat. How do you use color and Sunbrella fabrics to transition your home between seasons? Share your #SunbrellaIndoorLiving space with us by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and tagging @Sunbrella. To get the most out of your home this season, check out how to Seamlessly Style for Indoor Outdoor Living.