Designer Spotlight: Rachel Moriarty


Interior designer Rachel Moriarty sits on modular style seating in rooftop space, upholstered in colorful Sunbrella textiles

Rachel Moriarty lounges on her modular entertaining space design, featuring Sunbrella in Ombre Horizons, Portico, Sadie and Ikat Blocks

Known for her maximalist designs and vivacious style, interior designer Rachel Moriarty leaves a trail of color wherever she goes. To say Rachel has an eye for vibrancy is an understatement, and her ability to create visual balance with color is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

With her eccentric personal style, complete with bright patterns and dazzling statement jewelry, one can’t help but notice how her fashion sense is a reflection of her signature interior design aesthetic. It’s no surprise that she pulls inspiration from one of her former careers as a fashion stylist. Rachel’s talent for bringing that same daring quality to her projects was on grand display on a recent rooftop redesign in San Diego, California where she hosted an unconventional Friendsgiving meal with ample modular seating, using bold, saturated colors to create a visual experience for guests. Here, Rachel shares her insights and best practices for creating memorable environments—both indoors and out.

Sunbrella performance fabrics in coastal blues and oranges are featured in this California rooftop dining space

Bold and colorful Sunbrella textiles brighten this rooftop entertaining space, highlighting Fiesta Key upholstery

Layering Through Color

Rachel’s approach to interior design can be compared to an artist’s approach to creating a commissioned painting. Embracing the mood board technique, she pulls colors and textures found in nature and ties them back to each client’s vision. “A lot of times my clients will see [the finished product they want], they just don’t know how to get there,” Rachel notes modestly, “so I close the gap for them.” 

Interior designer Rachel Moriarty searches through a rainbow of patterned Sunbrella performance fabric swatches

Designer Rachel Moriarty explores near-endless Sunbrella fabric options for inspiration on an upcoming project

After the mood board phase, she starts with her base colors and textures, playing with fabric selections, building on and layering, as one would with an oil painting. For instance, at her recent Friendsgiving party, she used blue as the foundational color, which anchored the vignette. Then, she peppered in patterns and complementing hues for variety.

Poolside entertaining space shows bright, colorful Sunbrella stripe patterns on wicker seating and central ottoman

Poolside seating displays bold and colorful stripes in Sunbrella Confetti Green

Vibrant Versatility 

Her portfolio is full of striking vignettes, all of which look as though they could be inspiration for a beautifully saturated Instagram filter. And although she naturally gravitates toward bohemian charm, Rachel’s virtual dossier displays an impressive range of  looks in her clients’ homes. It’s clear she makes a point to draw themes from her client’s unique style and passions, for more authentic designs. For instance, a recent endeavor features a sophisticated and masculine bachelor pad, inspired by her client’s favorite sports teams. Another project, a 1920’s Spanish Revival home, boasts a touch of modern allure with freshness woven in, while still preserving its rich and charming history.

This home’s covered terrace features geometric furniture, upholstered in Sunbrella fabric, and a coastal scenic view in the distance

Rachel Moriarty overlooks the scenic pool deck from a geometric chair upholstered in Sunbrella performance fabric

In addition to these techniques, Rachel services clients through her virtual portal, providing customized inspiration and design consultation offerings, all online. She pulls in complementary swatches to kickstart this process for her clients, using Sunbrella performance fabrics as a vessel for inspiration. Rachel appreciates that the abundance of options that Sunbrella fabrics offer can give her projects a “gorgeous vibrancy, that still feels elevated and luxurious.” 

Complementing Sunbrella textile patterns and textures offer visual harmony

Rachel pulls vivid Sunbrella fabrics to incorporate bold colors in her designs, such as Ombre Horizons and Ikat Blocks

Uniquely On-Trend 

With extensive experience in photoshoots from behind the camera, Rachel has an aptitude for styling her clients’ homes to be photo-ready from the beginning. This behind-the-scenes skill set has also made her a valuable resource for real estate staging, yet another service she offers to clients. 

Designer Rachel Moriarty looks out onto coastline from the poolside terrace, featuring Sunbrella performance fabrics in colorful stripes

Rachel Moriarty overlooks the San Diego skyline from a poolside terrace, upholstered in bright Sunbrella fabrics

We can’t help but think of Rachel as a design industry Renaissance woman, since her diverse background has supplied her with an abundance of relevant experiences over the years. Another of her endeavors focuses on style-spotting, with her and a business partner scouring the country for the most current trends and styles at the industry’s trade shows and events, such as this year’s High Point Market, to keep her clients’ informed.

Symmetrical seating surrounds a fire pit, upholstered in Sunbrella fabrics featuring blue tones and coastal patterns

Modular seating around the rooftop fire pit features Sunbrella upholstery in bold and festive patterns

Overflowing with creativity, Rachel has mastered using fabric to incorporate colors, pattern and texture in the most unique ways. She exudes a kind of vivacity that easily carries into her work, as seen through her bright and eclectic spaces, usually dripping in patterns. In the recent San Diego rooftop project, Rachel used 15 different Sunbrella patterns to express her passion for lively colors. This visual harmony comes without sacrificing functionality; Sunbrella fabrics contain the fade- and water-resistant qualities necessary for a rooftop entertaining space.

Designer Rachel Moriarty and her client enjoy the newly designed rooftop seating space, featuring an array of different Sunbrella patterns and colors

Rachel and her client admire the newly redesigned rooftop, highlighting 15 different bold Sunbrella patterns

With every new project, Rachel always thinks to incorporate Sunbrella performance fabrics when it’s time to bring her vision to life, knowing they are the perfect match for her unique and vibrant style. 

To see more of Rachel’s portfolio visit follow her on Instagram @rachelmoriartyinteriors. To see more inspired design content, follow @sunbrella on social channels!