Designer Spotlight: Max Humphrey


Interior designer Max Humphrey styles commercial and residential spaces across the country.

Colorful design, bold pattern and retro elements are what you can expect from Portland based interior designer, Max Humphrey.

Portland based Interior designer Max Humphrey is no stranger to designing captivating spaces that make a statement. With projects across the country in both the residential and commercial landscapes, Max fashions cutting-edge design for his clients. His unique and eclectic style is a  reflection that could be attributed to his past as a former bass player in a punk rock band. Max lends his eye to the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection, styling the photo shoot with his signature look, bringing in retro elements that tell a story of the American West.

Lived-in, Layered with a Retro Flare

Living space designed by Max Humphrey using the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection.

Max styles the Pindler showroom using the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection to create a cozy corner full of character.

When it comes to naming his signature style, Max is torn between dubbing it Modern Americana or Cowboy High-Style. While no two spaces are the same (trust us), there is a cohesive statement in each design, defined through pattern and texture, that is the signature Max Humphrey style. No matter the location or space, Max aims to design with the outdoors in mind, fusing country charm with urban elements. The young and the young at heart can both agree, Max’s spaces inspire a playful atmosphere.

Living space with Sunbrella fabric upholstered bench seating and Sunbrella fabric pillows next to a wood-burning stove and wall decor.

Max infuses outdoor living in his design, bringing rustic elements to city life and leaving no detail untouched.

Max’s portfolio is bursting with unforgettable bold colors that immediately draw attention without overwhelming a space. Knowing the prominence of color in his design, we asked Max what it takes to create color story in his spaces. He noted, “I don’t believe colors can clash so I just throw everything together and see what sticks. I tend to go on color binges where I’m super into hot pink or olive green but generally I play the hits… greens, blues, grays, maybe some black and white and then always red, white and blue together.” The play between color and pattern in Max’s designs is nothing short of visually captivating but his spaces do more than just look great, they’re functional as well.

Bathroom painted white accented with red plaid Sunbrella Ventana collection window shade and disco ball over bathtub.

Unexpected elements in a space make Max’s designs iconic.

Designing Space for Functionality

In his design, Max prioritizes function to give clients a space they will use fully. He aims to figure out how the clients live in their home day-to-day. “I try and really figure out how people live – not how they SAY they live but how they actually live. I’ve turned a dining room into ping-pong rooms because the clients couldn’t tell me the last time they actually had a sit-down dinner other than Thanksgiving,” Max notes. For clients with young kids, they almost always want their home to look nice but be bulletproof. The need for function is where Sunbrella fabrics help bring performance into a space without compromising style. Max designs spaces with Sunbrella, selecting fabrics that look cool but feel good, while bringing durability and value.

Futon upholstered with Pendleton by Sunbrella collection fabric in Kiva Steps, a black and white pattern.

No matter the space, Pendleton by Sunbrella collection fabrics bring a classic look that’s both comfortable and durable.

Pendleton by Sunbrella Collection

Pendleton and Sunbrella celebrate the history of both brands as they pair the iconic Pendleton style with the performance of Sunbrella. The result is a collection of fabrics that represent quality, craftsmanship and performance. After design and production of the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection, Max styled a photo shoot to help bring the fabrics to life.

The Pendleton by Sunbrella collection brings a line of reimagined classic patterns to life. So what makes the new patterns and fabrics a seamless addition to the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection? After styling for the Pendleton shoot, Max says “There’s a lot of stripe patterns in the collection this year which were inspired by the National Parks. Striped fabrics can sometimes be too preppy for me. The stripes in this collection are more moody.” The Pendleton by Sunbrella collection gives anyone a chance to bring some Modern Americana style into your home design.

Camping site with four cots and a tent all upholstered with Pendleton by Sunbrella collection fabrics.

Camping has never looked better or felt more comfortable with the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection fabrics!

No matter your space, adding authentic pieces with character can help to create a statement. We’re inspired by the way Max’s styling energizes a space and creates stunning yet functional spaces for his clients. Explore the Pendleton by Sunbrella collection at Pindler here, and follow along with @sunbrella on our social channels for more inspired design.

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