The Best Way to Clean Sunbrella Performance Fabrics? Follow These Easy Steps


Life can be messy, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. From the remnants of heartwarming meals shared among loved ones to muddy paw prints from your four-legged best friend, when you choose Sunbrella fabrics these happy marks don’t have to become lasting stains. That’s because Sunbrella knows that unconditional love requires unconditional fabrics. In fact, our performance fabrics are made to look great for the long-haul, with built-in stain resistance, durability, and cleanability. Plus, Sunbrella fabrics come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures for every imaginable use, so you can choose these beautiful, functional fabrics for every room of your home and even on outdoor furniture

When spills and smudges happen, don’t panic. Instead, follow these simple steps for the how to clean upholstery fabric and you’ll keep your Sunbrella fabrics looking pristine. No matter the mess, these easy tips from Sunbrella demystify how to clean our upholstery fabric. 

A breakfast spill is no match for this chair clad in gray Sunbrella fabric. To keep your Sunbrella fabric looking like new, follow these simple steps for the how to clean upholstery fabric.

Tips for Cleaning Sunbrella Upholstery

Not all fabrics are built to handle stains the way Sunbrella performance fabrics are. While some pieces of upholstery can go to the dry cleaner or be thrown in the washing machine, it’s often easiest to spot-clean would-be stains as they happen. By following these easy tips, you can prevent damage to your upholstery and keep your fabrics looking like new. Here are some best practices for cleaning your Sunbrella performance fabrics. 

Be prepared by knowing the best way to clean upholstery fabric. Then, this adorable puppy’s muddy paws won’t threaten the beauty of this recliner upholstered with blue Sunbrella fabric.


1. Brush Off Loose Dirt 

If you have a spill that involves crumbs or dirt, brush off any loose particles. 

2. Spray with Soap and Water

Mix up a solution of mild soap and clean water and spray on the spill. 

3. Clean with Brush or Cloth 

Use the brush to gently work in the soap and water solution into the Sunbrella fabric for a thorough cleaning. 

4. Let Sit 

Let the soapy water thoroughly saturate the fabric. 

Wondering how to clean a fabric dining chair? There’s no need to cry over honey and tea spilled on your favorite seat. Just follow these easy steps and this blue Sunbrella upholstered performance fabric will look like new.


5. Rinse

You’re in the home stretch: use clean water to rinse your Sunbrella fabric. 

6. Air Dry

Finally, use a clean towel to soak up any excess water, and allow the Sunbrella material to air dry. 

Bonus Tip: Stain Chart for Specialized Solutions

If you have a more specific kind of stain or concern, Sunbrella provides a helpful chart detailing the right kind of cleaner for just about every imaginable offenderfrom chewing gum and beer to pencil marks and tomato juice. From homemade cleaning solutions to off-the-shelf cleansers, this chart helps guide you to make the most challenging spills disappear. 

Why Performance Fabrics Work

Sunbrella performance fabrics use technology to make sure they are incredibly durable. They are water-resistant, fade-resistant and resist mold and mildew. Even after heavy-duty cleaning, because the color is at the core of the fabric, the Sunbrella fabric retains its vibrant color. Sunbrella fabrics are even resistant to bleach, giving you peace of mind. 

These Easy Cleaning Steps Will Keep Your Sunbrella Fabrics Like New

Sunbrella fabrics help make messes worry-freethey are truly unconditional fabrics to match your unconditional love for those mess-makers in your life. With Sunbrella fabrics and these easy tips, your furniture, pillows, and curtains will look amazing even after a spill or smudge. That means you can relax and enjoy all of life’s specialand yes, often messymoments, knowing that cleaning them up is a snap. 

Interested in learning more about Sunbrella and the benefits of performance? Check out What is Performance Fabric for more details! For inspired design and tips on styling, follow along on our social channels. 

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