High Point Market Gives a Glimpse of 2020 Trends to Watch


Savvy designers and interiors enthusiasts know that trade shows and markets can be a treasure trove of inspiration. There’s no better place to score fresh ideas than North Carolina’s twice annual High Point Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. With more than 2,000 exhibitors spread across 10 million square feet of space in 180 buildings, there are creative solutions, trends and products for every room of your home. Sunbrella and its design partners were part of the fun, scouting fashions that will shape the design industry in the coming seasons. Here are some of the biggest trends we spotted.

High Point Market designers chose bright white Sunbrella performance fabric upholstery for durability and cleanability.

(left) Texture-rich sofa with Sunbrella fabric upholstery in Ryker Arctic spotted in the CR Laine showroom at this year’s High Point Market. (right) These neutral fabrics are perfect for any space, layering beautifully to create an eye-catching design.

Amp Up the Richness with Texture

“The most prevalent trend we are seeing is texture. There are no true ‘plain’ plains on furniture anymore, especially for larger pieces of upholstery,” says Sunbrella Design Director Emily Robinson. Some examples of these exciting trends applied included sofas upholstered in chunky textures, midscale dobby weaves and larger jacquards in tone-on-tone colorways.

Even when color palettes remain neutral for upholstered pieces—think sofas, sectionals, occasional chairs and recliners—they are far from boring, thanks to interesting tone-on-tone patterns and textures. Plus, those heavy textures and chunky weaves  are soft, cozy and comfortable, attributes that universally appeal to interior designers and their clients.

Ottoman upholstered in Americana geometric print with Sunbrella performance fabrics featured at High Point Market.

Ottoman upholstered with Falcon Cove Multi pattern from the Sunbrella Pendleton collection, found at Carolinas Custom Leather Co. showroom.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

When crafting a home that’s uniquely yours, it’s natural to want furniture that is just as special. “Another big trend that will only continue to grow is the emphasis on originality and looks that feel one-of-a-kind,” Robinson explains. People are often forgoing the rules, blending formality with informality and experimenting with colors and patterns. Some applications of this trend could be custom-covered upholstery (such as quirky furniture frames clad in durable Sunbrella fabrics tailored to a homeowner’s unique tastes), made-to-order pillows in vibrant shades or custom draperies.

Such unique pairings often draw inspiration from far and wide—nothing is off-limits when you’re talking about custom designs. In showrooms around High Point Market, global influences were evident. Looking for inspiration from around the world encourages homeowners and designers to mix and match, play with pattern and color combinations and, to create environments that feel unique and personal.

Seating area with sofa upholstered in a gray and white patterned Sunbrella performance fabric, end chair upholstered in a striped Sunbrella fabric, glass coffee table and accessories found at the CR Laine showroom.

The CR Laine showroom featured multi-dimensional Sunbrella upholstery in Wakeboard Zinc and Jetty Slate for one-of-a kind living room design.

Be Well

Wellness is a top trend across interior design, from home interiors to commercial spaces like spas, hotels, restaurants and even offices. For many designers, creating a feeling of wellness in any space starts with choosing materials and textures that are both durable and that evoke a feeling of peace and comfort. One important factor in choosing materials to adorn a project is sustainability, which can influence just about every design decision.

Sunbrella performance fabric in pattern Blend from the Makers Collection

Earthy hues from the Sunbrella Makers Collection evoke peace and comfort.

Many wellness-oriented environments are adorned with peaceful colors—like neutral hues in soft white and wheat or calm-inducing shades of blue and green—as well as cozy textures. Choosing durable materials is sustainable because those items are built to stand the test of time, which means a more thoughtful impact on our environment.

Detail shot of Sunbrella fabrics in shades of blue with water droplets to show water resistant capabilities.

Peaceful blue tones such as Midori Indigo from the Makers Collection showcase Sunbrella’s water resistance

Encore Performance

Speaking of durability, Robinson says, “Consumers are much more informed than ever before. They expect quality products that are functional, easy to care for, beautiful and that are going to last.” Sunbrella fabrics for both indoor and outdoor upholstery projects continue to be a go-to resource for interior designers and homeowners. The technology-driven performance materials are resistant to stains, mildew and fading and are easy to clean. Because Sunbrella upholstery is built to withstand life’s happiest, messiest moments, homeowners can feel free to embrace the designs they love without worrying about every little spill.

For more residential trends, check out our take on outdoor furniture trends spotted at 2019 Casual Market! For the latest on Sunbrella products and partnerships, follow us on social media.

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