Bringing Hygge into Your Home


By now, we’re sure you’ve heard of hygge, the Danish lifestyle trend that has become a global sensation: it’s been covered in the New Yorker, the Times, and has over 6.8 million Instagram tags. Given how Covid-19 has transitioned much of our social moments into the home, hygge has significant relevance in today’s pandemic environment. It’s all about embracing a cozy, simple lifestyle: curling up with a good book in front of the fire, playing board games with loved ones, baking bread, and snuggling with pets are all symbolic of the hygge lifestyle. It’s no surprise, then, that hygge can be achieved easily with Sunbrella! With our performance fabrics, we help families embrace those cozy moments that provide a comfortable place to land. 

Fireside Neutrals  

hygge sunbrella

Spread the feeling of warmth and coziness from your fireplace with warm neutrals.

Hygge is about cherishing time with loved ones in a comfortable, cozy, connected way. Where better to do that than fireside? 

family friendly furniture

Cherish your loved ones by the fire.

To spread the feeling of warmth and coziness from your fireplace, consider clean neutrals with pops of warm, welcoming patterns, like our Simplicity Garden plaid. The best part of using Sunbrella is that you don’t have to shy away from lighter colors since our fabrics are made to perform. 

stain resistant upholstery fabric

All you need is coffee and a good book!

Lighter greys are also a staple of Scandinavian style, begging to be the backdrop for a warm cup of coffee and a good book. Our Nurture pattern in Pebble is a lighter boucle that creates a nice surface interest in this elegant texture. Pair it with curtains made from our Fretwork pattern in Pewter for a hygge win. 

Inviting Jewel Tones 

pet friendly upholstery

Embrace jewel tones for unparalleled style.

While neutrals have been having their moment, don’t be afraid to embrace your darker side. Combining jewel tones with beloved patterns, like our Edward pattern in Peacock, showcases your personal style through eclectic design choices. We especially love the idea of not being afraid of topping the plaid with jewel tone pillows. The look all comes together with warm lighting, a snoozing pup, and a library full of stories waiting to be told.

decor pillows upholstery fabric

Warm lighting and a full library make for a cozy day.

Cozy Pastels 

millennial pink decor

Incorporate millennial pink for a pop of cozy color.

We’ve written entire posts dedicated to the art of incorporating millennial pink into your decor for a reason: it has staying power that feels both on-trend and nostalgic. Pinks and other neutral-leaning pastels, like our Dupione pattern in Celeste, give a pop of color to a neutral color scheme without feeling too feminine. The result is a softinviting environment perfect for relaxation. 

coastal style

Relax your environment with casual, coastal style.

Accenting Leather Pieces 

leather accents decor upholstery

Accent your leather pieces with cozy, elevated pillows.

What could be cozier than settling down in your favorite, well-worn leather chair? Make it your own with statement pillows that only heighten the hygge vibe. How about pairing this black diamond pattern from Pottery Barn with a complementary neutral Just like your favorite cardigan, this is a look that’s granddad-approved in the best way. 

plaid leather upholstery

Hygge is definitely granddad-approved.