Introducing New Collection with United Fabrics


“Reflections,” the second joint contract upholstery collection from Sunbrella and United Fabrics, was created to help design professionals discover new opportunities for peaceful and functional spaces. Featuring 30 new durable, soft, and bleach-cleanable fabrics in tactile textures and coordinating colors, Reflections is designed to complement the Origins collection and other fabrics within the Sunbrella Contract portfolio.

Reflections is the second joint contract upholstery collection from Sunbrella and United Fabrics. Image credit: Jason Varney

Lasting Serenity
“Right now, we are all reflecting on the thematic moments that define us and taking time to appreciate the little things in life. This collection honors that idea with nature-inspired motifs that elicit feelings of comfort and peace,” said Greg Voorhis, executive design director at Sunbrella. “We value the opportunity to provide fabrics for a new wave of commercial design that will prioritize versatility with lasting style.”

The patterns in the Reflections collections provide versatility with lasting style. Image credit: Jason Varney

The patterns in Reflections evoke feelings of serenity while honoring design elements that are increasingly conscious of new demands for commercial environments. Engineered to hold its vibrant color even in high-traffic spaces, the collection is durable, stain-resistant, bleach-cleanable and comfortable, with fabrics that feature soft yarns and bold design.

Grounded neutrals with textures and patterns of interest provide eclectic, transformative style. Image credit: Jason Varney

A Look Inside the Collection

Standout patterns from the collection include Inga-Boho, which acts as an anchor to the collection with a free-spirited nature.

Palma features a loosely styled botanical leaf; this grounding and reversable graphic represents a yearning to escape through travel and the peace found in nature.

Daphne provides a fresh take on a modern cabana style stripe, bringing a calming sense of order to chaos.

Miles and Velma are new solids that carry the freeing nature of Sunbrella’s outdoor performance indoors through tactile textures that feel warm and comfortable.

In Reflections, you’ll find grounding elements with patterns that pop. Photo credit: Jason Varney

Reflections is suitable for a variety of commercial hospitality settings, from hotels to restaurants and beyond. The exclusive collection is available through United Fabrics. For more information, please visit Sample the collection now on Material Bank.