What’s in YOUR chocolate?


What’s in YOUR chocolate?


By Louise Russell

Scientists recently found that there’s more than only nougat and nuts in specialty chocolate when they’€™ve been treated with intention.

Dr. Dean Radin and a team of scientists conducted a double blind research study that was published in, Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. Subjects were given chocolate, some of which had been “€œtreated”€ with health giving “€œintentions”€ and some were untreated from the same source. Neither the subjects nor those delivering the chocolate knew which sample was which. The authors reported a statistically significant effect, in which those consuming the chocolate with focused healing intentions scored more of an elevated mood improvement than those eating plain old chocolate.

Similarly, several indigenous cultures have customary beliefs that particular objects possess certain powers absorbed through sacred ceremonies. These objects hold the sacred vibration of the ceremonial intention. Another example the concept found within the “Healing Prayer Ministries€”,  started by two graduates of the Harvard seminary.

The Ministry bases its work on intention, compassion and the love of knitting and crocheting. These have been combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice. It reaches out to those in need of comfort and delivers a shawl. The shawl maker begins with prayers and blessings for a designated recipient. In every shawl the maker includes prayers in each stitch and therefore the shawls are “fashioned” with prayers.

In the everyday world of prayer, medical doctor, Dr. Larry Dossy, pioneers the relationship between prayer and medicine. He cites that nearly half of all Americans have experienced significant health improvements through the power of prayer. These changes have been found both in the patients who pray for themselves, as well as by those who receive them from a distance, even if they are unaware of these prayers being extended to them.

Numerous studies illustrate that our bodies are programmable by language, words, and thoughts merely from their vibrational frequencies. It makes no difference whether they’re spoken aloud, written or read. When you string words together they become meaningful thoughts. With mindful focused attention, thoughts serve as affirmations to manifest intention.

Noted healing arts motivational author Louise Hay, for more than 30 years, has professed the power of affirmation and visualization to transform our well being.  She asserts, “the thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.” Repeating, for example, “I feel good today”, brings the vision to reality.  It’s through a repetitive recitation, which words connected with emotion, help to influence and reprogram a desired new outcome.

A more dramatic physical example of demonstrating this effect is from Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. He studied how molecules of water resonate different crystalline structures once exposed to various stimuli. In one experiment Emoto taped written words around jars of water, or simply placed the jar on a written word at its base. He then took a sampling of the water, froze it, and examined the crystalline shapes under a high power microscope. He found negative words formed distorted images, and beautiful words such as “thank you” formed beautiful crystals. Further, each word had it’s own crystal shape identity; no two were the same. Interestingly, it didn’t matter what language the word was written in: English, Spanish, or French etc. The crystal shape repeatedly was the same for the word, no matter what language the word was translated into.  This illustrates that it’s not just the physical form of the letters. The vibrational frequency of the word’s essence and meaning emanates its reflected message outward. Emoto’s work with water physically demonstrates the subtlety of how words can effect change in matter.

Whether they be called intention, prayer or affirmation these wishes and desires broadcast a focused channel of thought to create something better. We too can use this in our work as designers. Imagine that you can empower your project with an affirming intention to instill an end result beyond the design itself. We can, right at the start. Instead of mechanically jumping into a project, just working from the perspective of a purpose or solutions, realize the power of intention. Because intention captures a much larger span of higher principles, possibility and purpose are already included. Take a moment to reflect on not only HOW you are going to do something, but the WHY, for whom the project ultimately is meant. Setting intention as an arrow shot will travel through the project to create the best possible outcome. Imagine that the visualizing of the outcome and simple intention of what it is that you wish to accomplish will strengthen the result, just like the “treated” chocolates.

“When any object or purpose is clearly held in thought its precipitation, in tangible and visible form is merely a question of time. The vision always precedes and itself determines the realization.” — Lillian Whiting


Louise Russell

With over 25 years experience as an accomplished textile designer, Louise Russell’s intuitive sense of color, guided by a deep passion for holistic health and healing, brings an incredibly unique and innovative perspective to her design and color work.