Beyond the Five Senses


Beyond the Five Senses


By Louise Russell

How often do we speak about the five senses and neglect to even mention that there is a sixth sense?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that everything we perceive as real has a physical presence that’s affirmed through our five senses. Anything within the intangible world that is not discernible to us we perceive doesn’t exist. By opening ourselves up to that which is unseen and invisible, we can broaden the expansiveness of our work and our life. It’s from this place that we’re able to draw inspiration from a subtler place within the realm of intuition- the sixth sense.

We experience life from an awareness that transcends the physical plane beyond the five senses. Here we understand that we are much more than only physical being, but rather are made up with brilliant beams of energies, which interlink to form the structure and function of our life force. This energy not only permeates all living beings but also has been found to exist in levels even within inanimate objects. All things and all beings are connected to a field of energy and vibration. However, to tap into a subtler field of information beyond the five senses, which are bound to the physical world, we need to become more acquainted with using our intuition. This underlying foundation of the sixth sense is connected to the human spirit or soul. We can simply look to explain our 6th sense as the vehicle connecting us to a larger perspective of new information and creativity beyond the physical domain. This intuitive domain is beyond the mind alone.

As Albert Einstein once revealed to us:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  – Albert Einstein

Quantum physics describes this place as the field of “all knowingness.” It’s a field where all of everything, all of life, past, present and future exists. It is a place we tap into and experience. This is the place of memory, intuition, and our ancestry. This is where knowledge and creativity flow and filter down through us. It’s from here that we’re able to draw inspiration from a subtler place within the realm of intuition. Here we come to understand through a deeper sense of knowing that we are interconnected to everything and everyone around us.

As we move toward design that is imbued with insight and brilliance of creativity, there needs to be a deeper engagement on the part of the designer in the creative process. It’s a letting go of “Doing” toward mindful action of “Being,” a release from the mundane bustle.

We mustn’t stay lodged in our logical, intellectual, left side of the brain. Instead, the gift is in the right hemisphere of the brain, which holds the key to intuition, creativity, and empathy eliciting design that allows for a deeper felt connection. It is birthed from the subtlest place of connecting to our Self, and being present, not mechanical actions that open the door to our imagination and creativity.

Make a decision to listen more carefully to your inner voice, no matter how small or insignificant you judge it to be. These thoughts, which you may have viewed as trivial or unworthy of attention, are your private connection to the field of intuition. Don’t miss them.


Louise Russell

With over 25 years experience as an accomplished textile designer, Russell’s intuitive sense of color, guided by a deep passion for holistic health and healing, brings an incredibly unique and innovative perspective to her design and color work.