Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sunbrella For Hospitality Environments


Did you know that Sunbrella revolutionized the awning industry back in 1961? Even back then our brand was focused on design, technology and incredible durability. In fact, we’ve been manufacturing performance fabrics ever since, expanding into what you know today, upholstery both decorative and commercial. As such, Sunbrella and Sunbrella Contract products, from their very beginnings have always been bleach cleanable, UV and fade resistant and mold and mildew resistant. It’s just the way it is. Always.

Considering fabrics for your next hospitality project? According to the article, Top Ten Trends in Hospitality, sanitation and cleanliness standards, outdoor spaces, technology, sustainability, just to name a few, are trends that will shape the industry moving forward. And, to help bolster these trends, we put together our 5 reasons why you might want to consider Sunbrella’s awning and upholstery solutions – whether inside or out.

1. Durability from Fiber to Finish. Always. 

Look past the surface. Most performance fabrics rely on their finish. We like to start the conversation with our fiber. Our performance doesn’t stop at the finish – it’s engineered into the core of the fabric itself. Our fiber technology makes our fabric highly UV and fade resistant. In fact, our fiber is made from a proprietary formulation, made to our specifications, which means it is always consistent. And, we test our fabrics from fiber to finish to ensure the quality every step of the way.

2. We’re Mindful About Our Manufacturing. Very Mindful. 

None of our manufacturing facilities (in the world) send waste to a landfill. All Sunbrella products (awning and upholstery) are solution dyed, and unlike conventional coloring/dying processes, our solution-dyeing reduces wastewater. We also own and operate a solar array at our plant in Anderson, South Carolina, where Sunbrella is made. And let’s not forget that long-lasting fabric drives less waste. We’re engineering fabrics that ensure customers are getting a product that lasts longer. Our products hold their color and strength, outlasting other fabrics.

3. Cleanability. We’ve Especially Got This One. 

Hotels, motels and any type of alternative lodging properties are taking cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization new levels, with cleaning programs more rigorous and frequent than in the past. Our fabrics’ fiber and finish technology combined, results in products that are easy to clean. Our proprietary finish gives our textiles extra protection – an additional boost – for stain resistance (allowing for stains to bead and more time to blot). Most stains can be removed simply with soap and water. However, we know that cleaning programs use much harsher cleaners than soap and water. Our fabrics are safe to clean with a proper bleach solution (still maintaining its integrity and without the worry of losing color). In fact, our fabrics are bleach cleanable to a higher level (up to 20% bleach) – if necessary – than the 10% CDC recommended level for healthcare disinfecting. And, if the wrong stuff gets on our fabrics? We test all of our fabrics for improper cleaners and disinfectants and have found that our fibers will not degrade. You can find all our cleaning information in our How to Clean section.

 4. Outside is the New Inside. 

Our products are built for the outdoor space. Creating outdoor spaces for indoor activities? UV and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant and bleach cleanable are all key factors when specifying fabrics for the outdoor space. This applies to upholstery and awning applications. Our proprietary fiber is saturated to the core. Our products stay brilliant over time, maintaining color, vibrancy and quality. One thing we know — we’ll never look at the outside the same again.

 5. Design + Innovation Is Never Compromised. Ever. 

We pride ourselves on design. We know you will never, ever compromise design. And you shouldn’t. Our design team is fastidious and so are our brand partners when it comes to making sure design goes hand-in-hand with performance. Our proprietary yarn processes, extensive color palette (color to the core with 90 colors in our yarn bank!), and fabric construction capabilities allow us to deliver refined, sophisticated looks that commercial environments expect. Comfort and durability are never compromised, which means our fabrics are tough enough for the outdoors, and luxurious and comfortable for indoors.

These are just a few reasons to consider Sunbrella and Sunbrella Contract. Now that you’re more in the know, start browsing for and Sunbrella and Sunbrella Contract solutions.