Top Hospitality Interior Design Trends


The definition of hospitality is “the friendly and generous reception of guests and visitors,” and everyone from hoteliers to restaurant owners are trying to make their guests feel welcome. One key way designers of restaurants, hotels, spas and even retail locations keep visitors engaged is by responding to top trends in hospitality interior design. Here are some to watch.    

The Alila SCBD resort restaurant uses Sunbrella Contract throughout to create indoor and outdoor hospitality design.

At the Alila SCBD resort, guests are treated to delicious meals in captivating indoor and outdoor spaces designed with Sunbrella Contract fabrics.

Sustainability: Easy Being Green 

Sustainability is more than just a passing fancy for all design industries, and it continues to be one of the top trends in hotel interior design and hospitality interior design at large. Some designers are seeking out more sustainable building and finishing materials; many business owners and designers are offering reusable bottles and glasses (as opposed to single-use plastics), installing LED lighting and implementing other measures to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, without sacrificing their design goals. 

Commercial interior designers for hospitality are also incorporating durable materials so that an interior won’t need to be renovated or refreshed as quickly. Sunbrella Contract fabrics are a perfect fit for those design projects. Engineered to last through years of high-traffic use, they are also manufactured in a way that honors the environment. For example, says Greg Rosendale, Director, Distribution and A&D for Sunbrella, “With the Recycle My Sunbrella program, instead of throwing away Sunbrella indoor fabrics they’re ready to retire, customers can send back their materials to be recycled.” It’s the ultimate example of sustainability and manufacturer eco-responsibility. 

Wellness and Harmony

For many weary travelers, a sense of wellness is the ultimate luxury. Many hotel interior design leaders are thinking critically about how to incorporate more harmonious experiences into overnight stays. This might include more open-air spaces, installing live plants in common areas and guest rooms, and using more organic elements as design statements. New hotels and spas are even including private workout or meditation areas to give guests an oasis of calm during their experience. 

While it would be impossible to call having natural light a trend, multiple studies show that having sunlight available can offer a major wellness boost. An article by Hotel News Resource noted that exposure to natural sunlight has a “direct impact on well-being, productivity and overall sense of satisfaction.” Using natural sunlight is also a more eco-friendly lighting option, saving both electricity and energy costs with the use of expansive windows. Since Sunbrella Contract fabrics are fade-resistant, there’s less worry about fabrics fading over time, even in light-filled spaces. As a result, those materials are a natural choice for everything from indoor cushion covers, upholstered chairs and sofas, curtains and decorative pillows. 

Restaurant at the Alila SCBD Jakarta featuring Sunbrella Contract fabrics in this hotel interior design.

At the Alila SCBD Jakarta dine in comfort with Sunbrella Contract upholstered booths, the perfect spot to socialize with friends, family and other guests.

Creating Environments to be Social  

In hospitality design, there has been a marked rise in creating environments that foster connection and community among guests. Designers are thinking of creative ways to offer seating, nooks for guests to work with colleagues or friends, cozy spots to share a meal or a cup of coffee, mingle socially and more. Though they’re designed to feel welcoming and livable, such commercial spaces need both style and durability in equal measure. They require smartly designed materials that can last through regular use and cleaning that public environments require. Because Sunbrella Contract fabrics are engineered for longevity, they are a natural choice when designers need contract textiles that combine beauty, softness and durability. 

This hotel interior design makes guests feel at home with Sunbrella Contract fabrics.

Sunbrella Contract fabrics bring comfort and relaxation to the andBeyond Tengile River Lodge in South Africa.

Feels Like Home 

The andBeyond Tengile River Lodge creates hospitality design that makes guests feel at home using Sunbrella Contract.

Sunbrella Contract helped the andBeyond Tengile River Lodge create rooms that make guests feel at home.

A top hospitality design trend is making spaces that feel like home, blurring the line between residential and commercial design. This can include curating one-of-a-kind artwork in guest rooms, using rugs on hardwood floors instead of wall-to-wall carpet, and offering amenities like in-room espresso machines and upgraded mattresses and bed linens. Many big-box hotel brands are embracing a more boutique hotel approach, so guests feel at home while traveling. Easy-clean Sunbrella Contract fabrics are designed to stand up to constant use, but they still feel soft and comfortable. They’re a perfect choice to help guests and customers feel at home. 

To discover more design industry trends and tips check out our blog on Commercial Design Influences from NeoCon 2019. To see more inspired design content, follow @sunbrella on social channels!

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